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Welcome to RBB Result Improvements

Coaching in Management and Managerial Skills

Welcome to RBB-Improvements

My name is Wiebe Raap. I am an interim manager and a profit improver who is specialized in the improvement of business processes and in sourcing from low labour cost countries. My years of management experience and my extensive world-wide network allow me to quickly prove my added value to your company. I will inspect your management, production and logistical processes and pinpoint any weaknesses and inconsistencies. I also offer coaching in management and managerial skills.
This website contains further information about the services I provide. Please contact me using the contact form at the end of this page.

Interim Management

“If you really want to know a business, you should try to change it.”

Does your company frequently run into its limitations? Do you feel the need to improve your company’s results but feel frustrated because you do not know how to do so?

My years of experience as a manager for an international company in the metal industry mean I have the applicable knowledge and experience to get to grips with complex business situations. I am happy to use this knowledge and experience to make sure your business profits from available opportunities and possibilities. My wide range of interests and critical eye mean I can see which options are not being utilized enough and analyze which approach would most benefit your company. I also make sure I do not stay and help your business longer than necessary.


Process Improvement

“The creative thinker sees the invisible, feels the untouchable and achieves the impossible.”

Every business process has the potential to be improved. Being part of the same process everyday means that managers and staff sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture. This means it becomes harder to see where improvements could be made. I will critically analyze your production and logistical processes to help you prevent your company losing out due to missed opportunities. I will analyze the current state of affairs, the improvements that could be made and the possibilities your business and equipment have to offer. I guarantee I will locate opportunities!


“Those who only look at the past and the present have no future.”

Every manager and entrepreneur will run into their business’ limitations at some point. It does not matter whether these are personal or business limitations: I will help you overcome them. My methods depend on your wishes but I will always focus on your main problem. We will discuss the questions and sticking points together whilst actively looking for a solution. By instructing you in my mentality and methods I will be able to provide you with a number of tips and sources which you can use not only during the coaching sessions but also afterwards when dealing with complex situations where you need to analyze a situation and find a way to solve it.

I offer my coaching services both on site and at other locations. The choice is yours. Would you rather be coached during an active or relaxing session? We can use my yacht which allows us to look for solutions whilst sailing!


Buying from low-wage countries

“Costs: adding is easy, reducing is more difficult. I accept the challenge.”

Producing products costs time and money. My years of experience buying from low labour cost countries mean I have built up a large network of quality suppliers in China, India, Indonesia and Eastern Europe. These manufacturers are specialized in the production of metals, plastics, aluminium components, LED products and plastic components for injection moulds. Contracting the production of components to low labour cost countries can save you between 50% – 70% per year! You do not have to worry about the quality of the components either: the companies in my network produce high quality products and you only commit to the production once you are satisfied with the quality of the samples. We also check to see if everything meets you specifications before we deliver.

Another advantage is that you get to use my network whilst maintaining direct contact with the supplier without having to go through a go-between. The biggest advantage is that you do not have to pay until you have received and approved the goods!

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